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How to Build a Learning Organisation the Right Way In 2022 - Cobalt HR

January 13, 20220


How to Build a Learning Organisation the Right Way In 2022

In today’s world of work, the workplace and workforce are transforming at a relentless pace. How well does your organisation respond to change?

Work smarter, not harder.

“The concept of a learning organisation can be defined as a company that continuously transforms itself through the learning and development of its members.”  – Peter M. Senge, author of The Fifth Discipline

There are four elements to prioritise for you to build a successful learning organisation in 2022

  • Growth in competitive markets – achieving benefits related to growth in a competitive climate
  • Transformation – responding faster to change
  • Productivity – improving talent strategies to keep the best people
  • Profitability – improving sustainability and customer satisfaction
The CIPD (2017) has uncovered six characteristics that successful learning organisations achieved by driving a future-focused New Learning Organisation:
  • Clarity of Purpose – 50% more likely to agree staff understand how their work is linked to the organisation’s performance
  • Holistic People Experience – The use of technology to onboard and develop people, and actively encourage staff to take on new work experiences as opportunities to learn
  • Thriving ecosystem – Assign board-level accountability for organisational learning, promote a culture of self-resilience
  • Agile, digitally-enabled infrastructure – Staff know how they work together to productively connect and share knowledge, and have access to job aids online or via mobile devices
  • Intelligent decision-making – Identify specific business metrics or KPIs to improve through learning in partnership with senior management, benchmark learning strategies and practices against other companies in the industry
  • Continual Engagement – Provide a safe environment to share ideas and work out loud, provide any formal learning initiatives with a specific identity and brand
Why aren’t there more learning organisations?

Many of the discussions about learning organisations offer a vision of a better world rather than concrete steps to follow. As a result, the recommendations proved to be difficult to implement as managers find it challenging to identify the sequence of steps necessary for moving forward.

Why now?

As the world grapples with uncertainty and rapid changes, it is more important than ever that the continuous inflow of new experiences keeps the organisations dynamic and prepared for change. This is a key factor for an advantage. Benchmarking and behaviours of top organisations provide insightful data to compare and identify areas for improvement.

If you are a business leader who is serious about impacting results by embedding learning as a strategic pillar, utilise the following questions to cultivate your own learning organisation in 2022:

  1. What skills does L&D need to support the new learning organisation?
  2. What mindsets need to change?
  3. How do we change current L&D skills and mindsets?

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