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Working at Cobalt HR | Meet Neo, our Administration Officer - Cobalt HR

August 2, 20210

Neo, our Administration Officer, reflects on her experience with the company so far and reveals what it’s like to be part of the Cobalt HR team

“I was told about the kickstart scheme through my work coach as I was on universal credit, due to being unemployed, fresh out of university, and struggling to get past interview stages with employers. What really drew me to the role was the fact I could learn on the job, gain some qualifications, and have access to training opportunities within Cobalt HR! But I have always wanted to work in administration, despite being a creative type. Organising, working on, and filing documents has always come natural to me, so the role of Administration Officer is a perfect fit. I found the application and recruitment process for the role easy to complete with no unnecessary extra steps, and as soon as I sent off my application Kerry had responded to me very quicky, more so than other applications I had sent off during that time. I was very happy about that because for the first time in a while, I felt seen and felt like I was wanted in an organisation as I was able to speak to the director instead of just another supervisor.

The Recruitment process at Cobalt HR was swift and worry free. I wasn’t waiting for months on end for responses, wondering if I would ever be emailed back. Kerry, the director of Cobalt HR responded a couple of days after I had sent off my application. Then I had an interview at the end of that week, and a call back with a job offer later in the day! The interview was very insightful, I didn’t at all feel nervous. Somehow Kerry made the atmosphere feel like two friends catching up, and I felt that atmosphere allowed me to open up and show my real self.

Cobalt HR helped me settle into the team by making me feel as though it is okay to ask questions, no mater how big or small. I don’t feel as though I have one thing to get on with until my shift ended, I am able to ask for help on tasks I’m uncertain about and get helpful answers and guidance back.

The team are also very chilled out and are always up for a laugh and a bit of workplace banter. I particularly enjoy the hilarious interactions between Kerry and Boris and through the friendliness of the team, found that I settled in well, and very quickly. I have that feeling like I’ve been in the Cobalt HR team for way longer than I have, which is always a great sign.

I feel like the role of Administration Officer is very useful, and whenever I complete a task, I feel like I am a helping hand within the organisation. I very much enjoy sharing workloads, and the fact that there is always something to do. I have never worked in Administration nor in HR, so everything is very new and exciting, but also knowledgeable and insightful, and because of my co-workers, and Kerry, plus the willingness to work together, I am very motivated to excel in this role.”


Check back throughout the month to hear from more members of the Cobalt HR team.

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