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Visiting Employee Benefits Live in London - Cobalt HR

June 1, 20180

This year, both Kerry Chown and Eliza Oak visited Employee Benefits Live in London. It’s a great annual event that helps organisations keep their finger on the pulse of new ideas to reward and recognise employees.

This year was all about employee wellbeing, whether that be physical, mental or even financial wellbeing. There was a focus on encouraging organisations to support their staff with saving for the future, which is a great idea. Watch this space for more information on this.

We also listened to some great presentations, including one on the type of benefits valued by staff. Would you like to know more? Please get in touch and we can give you the list. There will also be more information in the next newsletter, so please keep your eyes peeled.

We came away thinking, how many of our clients are investing in the wellbeing of their employees?

If employee wellbeing is something you need to work on, then we may have the answer for you. Watch this space for more information soon, or get in touch for a chat.

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