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Six Tactics to Achieve Business Success - Cobalt HR

August 29, 20170

On the 9th May, Cobalt HR invited five other businesses to speak to invited guests on the topic Six Tactics to Achieve Business Success.  The event was held at the Cardiff City Stadium.  Feedback from guests was extremely positive.  If you were there, I hope you took away some tips that have proved valuable to making your business more successful.  In addition to Cobalt HR, were Nat West Bank, Lobster Digital Marketing, Thomas Carroll, Perk of the Job and Williams Ross.

Plans are now afoot for a follow up event in October.  If you want to achieve a happy and engaged workforce, delivering maximum benefits for your business, like this team here, please ensure you get a place, by requesting this using the contact form on www.cobalt-hr.co.uk, or by emailing kerry@cobalt-hr.co.uk..

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