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Open Training Sessions

Our interactive open training sessions have been designed to provide you with techniques, tips, and tricks to expand your knowledge and improve performance in the workplace. The training sessions last half a day with costs including design, preparation and delivery.

Topics include:

- Having Effective Meetings
- Dealing With Difficult Conversations
- Inclusive Recruitment
- Effective Handling of Disciplinary Issues

Lunch and Learn

Our Lunch and Learn series consists of five online sessions designed to fit around your busy schedule. Each session runs for 60 minutes (45 minute seminar plus a 15 minute Q and A session).

Topics include:

- Managing Your Time When Working Remotely
- Managing Stress and Uncertainty
- Employee Wellbeing
- Restructuring and Redundancy
- Communicating Effectively


Our E-Learning course has been designed for employees working both in the office, and at home. Alongside the training session you will receive a set of supplementary documents.

Topics include:

- Setting up Your Workstation Effectively


At Cobalt HR, we host regular webinar series’ to help boost performance in the workplace. For upcoming webinars, visit our Eventbrite page.

Previous webinar topics include:

- Implementing Employee Reward & Recognition Within a Diverse Workforce
- Managing Performance in a Hybrid Environment


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