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Reward and Recognition

Employee recognition is the acknowledgement of an individual or team’s behaviour, effort and achievements that support the organisation’s goals and values.

Employees who feel valued often go beyond what is expected of them, often called ‘going the extra mile’.  They will also be more productive and motivated, and are more likely to stay with the organisation.

For recognition to be effective, it must:

  • Be given promptly, following the performance being recognised.
  • Be sincere.
  • Be specific. Tell them exactly what performance you are recognising.
  • Be given face to face.
  • Be proactive, and don’t wait till you see perfect performance before you give some recognition!

Recognition can be informal, such as a simple ‘thank you’, or more formal, such as meal vouchers, or extra annual leave.

Read our free guide to understand how to implement your reward and recognition programme successfully. 

To help you recognise and reward high performance, we can assist you with the following areas:

Pay and Benefit Benchmarking

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