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High Performance

We don’t need to tell you that your employees are your greatest asset and that they need looking after. Whilst you do need robust contracts and policies in place to minimise the risk of problems, there’s much more you can do to help your people deliver the most for the business, whilst learning and enjoying themselves.  Practices to drive High Performance are below.

What are high performance working practices?

High performance working practices are activities you can use to improve business performance. They encourage staff to ‘go the extra mile’ to help the business achieve its goals.

These include:

  • Dynamic recruitment processes to secure the best people to support your business
  • Achieving a diverse workforce
  • Appraisal schemes, both individual and 360.
  • Recognition and reward schemes to acknowledge and reward the efforts of your employees
  • Good communications, which enable employees to feel involved, which will lead to increased commitment and engagement
  • Regular training and development to drive high skill levels and excellent performance
  • Identifying appropriate behaviours for your team
  • Running customer and member surveys, to identify opportunities to increase performance


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