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Risk Assessment for Workstations, Be They in the Office or at Home - Cobalt HR

October 6, 20200

Self-styled entrepreneurs and people particularly fond of their pyjamas have consistently been arguing that work need not be done in large and crammed offices, but from the comfort of our homes. Covid-19 has presented an opportunity to test this and other hypothesis with regard to working habits. Early results suggest that employees based in their homes are more efficient and more satisfied with their work.

This may signal a major shift in the world of work. Any such shift usually also impacts company policies and procedures. Although workers are no longer subject to coffee-and-tea-making office rotas, they are bound by company measures. As a result, employees must continue to follow guidelines contained in employee handbooks and manuals, on topics such as data protection and, in the interest of this article, health and safety.

In relation to this, risk assessments remain an essential element in the maintenance of staff’s wellbeing, regardless of the location of their working premises. We at Cobalt HR have recently developed a training course on the topic of risk assessments of employees’ workstations. It is designed to guide staff members in assessing and reducing hazards and risks in their workstations, be they at home, or in the office.

From appropriate working habits, desk-and-chair configurations, to foods and drinks, our training covers all major aspects of health and safety in the workplace. If you are interested, then do not hesitate to contact us for further details.

DISCLAIMER: We at Cobalt HR continue our work to equip you with further tools and details so that you are not significantly affected by the pandemic. We also welcome your feedback on ways to turn our newsletter into a source of freshness and positivity to counter the looming negativity. Contact us at team@cobalt-hr.co.uk and share your thoughts with us!

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