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5 Free Productive Activities for You to Complete during the Ongoing Pandemic. - Cobalt HR

May 6, 20200

1. Complete an online developmental course.
Why not swap the daily negative updates surrounding the virus with a free educational programme brought to you by world-leading institutions.

2. View world-renowned musicals and theatres from the comfort of your home.New York’s Metropolitan Opera has recently begun streaming performances as part of their Live in HD Series for free

3. Volunteer your teaching skills to support home school parents. If you have teaching experience, why not offer your knowledge and skills to parents in need of guidance regarding homeschooling?

4.‘Do the right thing’: Pen a letter to care home residents in need of social support. If you have free time on your hands and wish to spread some joy to others, then consider writing a letter to a resident of your local care home or health centre.

5. Reach Out: Contact people facing mental health issues as a result of the pandemic. Our final word of advice is for you to check with those in your social circle who may be struggling under the weight of the current circumstances.

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